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Samadhi Mala Beads

Spiritual Connection Mala Beads, 108 Mala Necklace, Buddhist Prayer Beads, Reiki Charged Mala.

Spiritual Connection Mala Beads, 108 Mala Necklace, Buddhist Prayer Beads, Reiki Charged Mala.

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Blue Mala Necklace for Meditation and Sadhana Practice.

This Mala Necklace is handcrafted with natural gemstones knotted in the traditional way with nylon tread and 8 mm beads. It is charged with Reiki Healing Energy and programmed to aweaken and connect it's wearer with the Higher-Self.

Each Mala purchase will include a card describing the stone's healing properties and a Mantra card.


APATITE - is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future, activating psychic abilities and allowing the expansion of knowledge. This stone allows for a deeper dive and reflection into one’s self, seeking self-insight and inner clarity.

LARIMAR - Helps to awaken the divine feminine from within, and embodies the energy of the sky and the sea. Stone of tranquility and relaxation, very soothing to the emotional body.

MOONSTONE (Crown Chakra) - A stone for “new beginnings” it soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition and promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune in love and business matters.



Since stones and crystals absorb energy from you and your surroundings, it is recommended that you cleanse and charge your mala from time to time. You can use sage to cleanse it or leave your mala in the moonlight. 

Wear your Mala when most with yourself, focusing and working, breathing, and meditating. Keep the Mala in its bag in a peaceful, high-vibrational corner. 

Do not wear your Mala in water or during physical practice.

It is believed that when a Mala breaks you have broken a pattern, the purpose is complete, and it should not be mended. You can place it in a quiet place and absorb the energy of the crystals, or use the beads to turn it into a bracelet. 

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