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Meet the Artist ~ Tatiana Bezer

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by and looking at my shop.

For the longest time I have struggled with my meditation practice. I just could not focus, didn't understand what I was supposed to experience or how to stay still for hours at a time. That until I found sound healing, and energy work! After the first few sessions, I have noticed a shift. At first I would cry for hours, didn't know exactly why but I couldn't stop. All the trauma I was storing inside was coming out. The sound vibrations open up the Nadis in our bodies (the energy points) and it allows that energy to flow freely within and outside our bodies. Mantra meditation is a simple exercise that you can do to reprogram your brain into positive thinking, to deepen your meditation practice fast, alleviate anxiety and negative emotions and find balance within yourself, find SAMADHI - a state of joyful calm. I don't believe I've riched that state yet, far from it, but I can keep trying, and Mala Beads are one way to find that path.

The process of making Malas is deeply meditative and soothing for me. I love making new creations almost daily. If you find something in my shop that you like but you want to make some changes or personalize it to your tase, don't hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy, Meditate, Keep your Zen!