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Sandalwood Pocket Mala, 27 Beads Mala, Travel Prayer Beads

Sandalwood Pocket Mala, 27 Beads Mala, Travel Prayer Beads

Sandalwood Mala, 27 Beads Pocket Mala, Travel Prayer Beads.

- this pocket mala counts 27 beads;
- gemstones are all-natural, ethically sourced and AAA grade quality;
- all packaging materials are recyclable;
- orders include informational cards;
- gift wrapping is available upon request, FREE


LABRADORITE - is known for its changing colors, this is the gemstone of transformation, enhancing the strength of will and inner worth.
LARIMAR - Helps to awaken the divine feminine from within, embodies the energy of the sky and the sea.
Stone of tranquility and relaxation, very soothing to the emotional body. Grate to use during meditation.
Thought to heal past life trauma while assisting the user in speaking their truth.
The howlite stone is one of emotional healing. It has vibrations that directly resonate with the root and crown chakras. This in itself is quite a unique combination, as the stone can open up portals on opposite points of the body. With this white stone, our root chakras become fully connected to the earth and all of the energy that it provides, while at the same time, we are able to stay in direct contact with our higher selves. It is very rare for all these connections to happen all at once.

The Mala in these pictures has sold, you will receive a Mala made the same exact way with mixed beads. All-natural gemstone beads have their own unique markings and colors, so the Mala you receive will be original.
Worldwide shipping is available. Shipping within the US is free for orders above 35$.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to text me. My goal is a happy customer!

Every Mala Necklace is cleansed with White Sage before shipping. You can also recharge their energy by leaving them outside under the full moon, the best time is considered between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m.

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